3 Colorful Work Bags That Will Pep Up Your Office Routine

Work bags have long been synonymous with dark totes devoid of a fashion touch, and especially of color. In fact, when deciding on a work bag, most of us have typically narrowed down the playing field to just a few color options. Bright hues have been overlooked while the more dull and conventional colors have gotten all the serious attention. But who said a laptop-friendly bag can't also be bold and fashionable? After all, looking the part for work doesn't mean looking boring. With work suits already on the dark end of the color spectrum, going for a bold work bag not only adds unexpected visual appeal to your office looks, it also sends a clear message that you are one who is not afraid to be different and go against the grain. As we know, bold contrast makes a bold statement and there's no better place to show assertiveness than at your workplace. Here are 3 versatile and striking handbags from the Tomoli collection that will spice up your workwear and add verve to your 9-to-5 routine:

1. Kora Large Convertible Tote in Sky Red

When it comes to adding pizzazz to your office wardrobe, nothing beats a bright pop of red. Especially when it is served with striking color-blocking like on the Kora large leather tote in Sky Red. The unique aqua blue on red colors are sure to add a playful yet polished touch to your courtroom black pant suits. On a functional note, this structured tote is designed with sleek lines and ample room to fit your laptop as well as other work and personal essentials. You'll love that the Kora features a full zipper closure that keeps your belongings in place and gives you all the privacy you need during your subway commute. With its streamlined interior made of a laptop strap and two sizeable pockets, this bold tote handbag is perfect for packing everything without looking bulky. 

2. Briffani Jut in Maize

A fashion and style editorial photo showing a woman wearing a color-blocked outfit that consists of a blue dress and a yellow leather handbag. The bag is medium-sized and has an oversized flap cover. This is the Tomoli Briffani Jut interchangeable leather satchel in Maize. This bag can be used for everyday wear, or as a colorful work bag. It fits a laptop and other essentials.

Don't let this minimalist and super elegant frame fool you into thinking it's not capable of office function. The beauty of the Briffani Jut interchangeable leather satchel is that it doesn't scream "conventional work bag" yet makes the perfect office bag, especially in this deep yellow hue that goes with everything and is appropriate year round. With its oversized flap cover and easy-to-carry size, the Briffani Jut checks the style box while also delivering function. Believe it or not, this alluring bag fits up to a 13-inch laptop and still has room for your other essentials. It also features a convenient exterior pocket that's perfect for items you need to access more frequently such as your phone. And for those times when you need to be hands-free, it comes with a wide and lightly padded strap for comfortable shoulder wear.

The icing on the cake with this pick is that its cover is interchangeable so you have the flexibility to swap looks without having to move your stuff from one bag to another.

3. Briffani Lean in Brunette Sky

Just like the Briffani Jut, the Briffani Lean is one unexpected yet totally appropriate work tote. We love how the classic brown and bright turquoise come together to create a polished yet playful combination. On top of the eye-catching colors, the quilted closure detail adds an elegant touch to professional office wear, from boardroom suits to more business casual looks. The Briffani Lean tote also packs a lot of function with its laptop-fitting interior, easy-access exterior pocket, and detachable shoulder strap.