the story

the spark

TOMOLI epitomizes the creative explorations of two best friends, less-is-more believers with a bold outlook on modern style and a soft spot for unexpected contrast. Through its handbag collection characterized by unconventional silhouettes and whimsical color plays, the brand indulges contemporary expression with a standout edge. Whether structured or soft, color-blocked or monochrome, TOMOLI designs exude an effortless, clean vibe that always feels distinctive and on point.

the craft

Our commitment to craftsmanship goes beyond aesthetics. Through precise details, rich hues, and luxurious materials, we infuse a perceptible aura into every one of our pieces, an aura that in turn inspires a playful, yet unapologetic vibe. 

Since the very start, we have nurtured strong relationships with distinguished artisans who have proven, generational leatherwork savoir-faire, and who share our passion for clean and dependable craftsmanship. Even as concepts have evolved into products, we never cease to imagine the possibilities, and all the ways to bring you more and more delight.

the elements

Lasting style begins with dependable elements. That's why Tomoli partners with renowned tanneries who know and source only the best materials. All Tomoli handbags are crafted with superior, durable and resilient leathers that not only deliver a rich finish, but also satisfy the enduring demands of the modern lifestyle.

the settings

Tomoli products are designed in the Twin Cities, and produced by the most distinguished leather artisans in Istanbul.