5 Things You Should Consider When Picking Your Next Everyday Bag

Ever gone shopping for something only to end up making an impulse purchase that didn't really satisfy your needs? We've all been there. That's why a checklist is always a good idea when shopping, especially when looking for pieces you plan on getting a lot of use out of, such as your everyday handbag. With all the options out there, it's easy to get carried away and overlook the important features when we haven't jotted them down in the first place. Taking the time to think about what you're actually looking for allows you to narrow down your search, ensure your pick will meet your style and practical needs, and above all, dodge that naggy buyer's remorse feeling. Again, we've all been there, whether it was getting the laptop that didn't have the appropriate graphic card for our creative projects, or getting the bag that we couldn't really use because it was just too heavy to haul around. But like they say, you live and you learn and these are 5 things we have learned and that you should seriously consider when searching for your next everyday bag.

1. Go Lighweight

Let's start with the facts: bags are substantial objects so of course they'll have some weight to them. The key is not only to stick to the essentials when packing for the day, but also go with a bag that itself won't add too much to your daily load - pun intended. Whether you go for a large tote or a smaller bag, make sure that carrying it around for an extended period of time doesn't strain your shoulders or leave your palms with red marks. Comfort is everything.

A fashion and style editorial photo showing a model holding a dark blue leather handbag. The handbag is color-blocked with a pink handle and pink edges. This leather satchel is light, fits a laptop, and makes the perfect everyday bag.
The Briffani Jut has the perfect size to fit all your daily essentials and weights only 2.3 lbs. 


2. Pick a Versatile Option

This may sound cliché, but versatility is key when purchasing a fashion item you plan on using repeatedly. The perfect everyday handbag should work for the office, not look out of place at happy hour, look fashionable at brunch, but still have that effortless feel for errands. After all, who has time to swap bags between work and social gatherings? As your permanent companion, you'll want your everyday bag to multitask as much as you do, and make you look the part no matter where the day takes you.

A fashion and style editorial photo showing a woman wearing a neutral outfit and holding a yellow handbag. This is the Tomoli Briffani Lean interchangeable closure tote in Maize. This bag is lightweight, fits a laptop, and makes the perfect everyday bag.
The Briffani Lean features a clean design that's as fitting for work as it is for evening socials. Use it as a daily tote or simply remove the handles to transform it into an oversized clutch.


3. Go for Something Unique and Expressive

"Everyday" has long been confused with "boring" and "lackluster". But who said it has to be that way? When it comes to selecting your next everyday bag, think distinctive shapes and expressive colors. Everyday bag doesn't mean boring bag. Because it's always with you, your bag sort of becomes your signature item, one thing others identify you with so you want to make sure that it has character and sets you apart. Your everyday bag should lift your mood and your wardrobe, and make you look forward to the day's feats.

A fashion and style editorial photo showing a woman wearing a blue dress and holding a red leather handbag. The bag has an elongated saddle shape and a chain strap. This is the Tomoli Fitini II leather bag in Shady Red. This is a unique and creative bag that makes the perfect everyday handbag.
The Fitini II is a distinctive handbag with a streamlined silhouette that surprisingly fits all your day's essentials.


4. Don't Skimp on Quality

Beauty and versatility are nothing without quality. One thing you do not want to skimp on when searching for an everyday bag is material and craftsmanship. Opt for materials that can withstand the hustle and bustle of modern life, and won't lost their edge under unexpected drizzles. Full grain leather is a great choice because it is scratch- and water-resistant and also easy to maintain. Plus full grain leather lends rich texture and a classic allure to your accessory.


5. Choose timeless

Your bag may give you all the versatile feels today, but what about in two years? Does it look like something you see yourself schlepping around months from now? That's where attention to design comes into play. Timeless appeal is usually achieved through sleek and minimal design: the lines are clean, the silhouettes are easy on the eyes, and the extras (think hardware) are kept to a minimum. Investing in a piece that checks these boxes is a sure way to get the most value out of your bag purchase and enjoy it even more.

A fashion and style editorial photo showing a woman wearing neutral pants with a neutral jacket and a color-blocked leather tote. The tote has a structured, briefcase-case like shape. This is the Tomoli Kora large convertible leather tote in Eclectic Denim. This bag fits a laptop and makes the perfect everyday bag.
The Kora is a sleek leather tote that boasts a strong silhouette, clean lines, and bold colors that will always feel distinctive and on point.