7 Modern and Bold Handbags that Will Brighten Your Fall Outfits

When it comes to Fall fashion, the next best thing to layering is the flexibility to introduce colorful accessories to our wardrobe. If you are partial to handbags like we are, then you'll know that when we say accessories, we are mainly thinking bags. As sweater weather ramps up and we tone down our clothing color palette, endless possibilities open up on the accessory front. That's because a neutral outfit is like a blank canvas: every (bold) color goes. From deep, saturated hues to bright and vivid shades, a bold bag effortlessly elevates the vibe and lets us flaunt our gutsy side. In fact the right handbag can pack a lot of style punch so investing in a colorful option that will be on trend season after season is a splurge that will always feel gratifying. From work to after work, a colorful bag not only creates an eye-catching contrast against the everyday neutral background, it also livens your mood and adds personality to your looks. Here are 7 modern and distinctive picks from the Tomoli handbag collection that will take your Fall office and casual wardrobe for a bold spin.

1. Briffani Jut in Sangria

A fashion and style editorial photo showing a woman model holding a burgundy red leather handbag. The bag has a minimalist design with a trapeze shape and rounded oversized flap. This is the Tomoli Briffani Jut interchangeable satchel in Sangria.

The Briffani Jut is a minimalistic yet stand-out bag you'll love to schlep around this season. From work to everyday errands, this multitasker will add an elegant touch to your sweater dresses but also let you pack your essentials with its sensible size. The Briffani Jut interchangeable leather satchel comfortably fits a 13-in laptop and comes in multiple colors including this deep burgundy red we have come to love for Fall.

2. Fitini II in Shady Maize

A fashion and style editorial photo showing a woman wearing a neutral Fall outfit with a yellow leather handbag. Th bag has an elongated saddle shape and is color-blocked with a blue top handle. This is the Tomoli Fitini II elongated saddle bag in Shady Maize.

It's safe to say that golden yellow is Fall's neutral. Our second pick is a deep yellow-hued bag that comes with elegant color-blocking and a one-of-a-kind silhouette. Want to add a striking touch to your camel sweaters and dark green pants? There's your answer! Not only will you turn heads with the elongated saddle shape of the Fitini II mini leather bag, you'll also find that its streamlined size makes it an ideal everyday bag. Let's not forget the chain strap that will add a touch of glam to your special occasions.

3. Briffani Lean in Olive

A fashion and style editorial photo showing a model wearing a brown faux leather outfit and holding an olive green handbag. The bag has a minimalist design and a skinny quilted closure down the middle. The overall look is color-blocked with brown and green. The bag is the Tomoli Briffani Lean interchangeable closure tote in Olive.

Olive is good in Martinis but even better on the Briffani Lean leather tote. The Briffani Lean features a quilted closure that adds a subtle yet polished detail to your office and brunch outfits alike. Whether you go monochromatic with a head-to-toe olive look, or choose to color-block with a deep yellow trench coat, this green handbag is sure to add an intriguing touch to your Fall mood. And as with all Briffanis, the Briffani Lean in Olive can be mixed and matched with other Briffani bags to create your very own color palette.

4. Gisel in Sun Stone

A fashion and style editorial photo showing a woman wearing a neutral Fall outfit and holding a yellow and beige leather handbag. The handbag has a rounded trapeze shape that resembles a seashell. The body is a neutral beige color with yellow radial lines, and the flap closure is yellow. The woman is wearing the bag over her shoulder with the chain strap. This is the Tomoli Gisel tapered top handle handbag in Sun Stone.

Released just in time for the season, the Gisel handbag is sure to start conversations. With a rounded tapered silhouette and clean line details, the Gisel's seashell-inspired design will spice up your Fall wardrobe with color and distinction. Gisel is currently available in 4 colors, all featuring a color-blocked design. We particularly love the combination of stone and bright yellow to add just the right amount of color pop to your Fall neutral outfits. Whether you wear it with jeans or a dressed up suit, this unique handbag will instantly elevate you to trend-setter status.

5. Kora in Golden Sky

A fashion and style photo showing a woman wearing a neutral Fall outfit and a colorful leather tote handbag over her shoulder. The bag is primarily blue and has a structured briefcase-case like shape that is color-blocked with yellow straps. Overall, the bag adds a pop of color to the woman's outfit. This is the Tomoli Kora convertible leather tote in Golden Sky.

The more unexpected, the better. Not always true for surprises, but definitely true for color contrasts as you can see with the Kora's sky blue and yellow combination. This large structured leather tote effortlessly blends playfulness and business gravitas. You'll love that it features a full zipper closure and can also be worn as an open tote for that free, effortless vibe. It comes in 6 bold colors including this one that will add an unexpected touch to your toned-down looks.

6. Briffani Lean in Hot Iris

A fashion and style editorial photo showing a woman wearing a dark fitted outfit with a blue purple leather bag. The handbag is an interchangeable quilted closure tote. This is a bag ready for night out, everyday errands, or office wear. The handbag is the Tomoli Briffani Lean interchangeable quilted closure tote in Hot Iris.

Another Briffani Lean tote made the cut for this Fall edit, but this time in a vibrant blue hue. If you thought cool shades of blue were not meant for Fall, think again. This iris blue leather tote makes a bold statement while being a functional choice that's as appropriate for work as it is for play. We love it with shades of brown, red, and also with deep burgundy hues.

7. Fitini II in Shady Red

A fashion and style editorial photo showing a woman wearing a black outfit with a red leather handbag. The handbag has an elongated round silhouette and a flap closure. This is a red and black color-blocked outfit. The handbag is the Tomoli Fitini II elongated saddle bag in Shady Red. This bag has a mini shape that can be worn as an everyday bag, or a night-out bag.

Red is a strong favorite when it comes to adding a pop of color to a look and we are here for this timeless trend. Especially when it comes with an original design and the perfect size to move around during the day and night. This red leather saddle bag complements Fall's warm tones and can be worn with burgundy red or deep browns for a tonal look, or cool greens and yellows for bold color-blocked style.