the gist

emphatic aspirations

Tomoli was founded on emphatic aspirations: to give the modern woman a distinctive, yet sensible edge to reclaim her individuality, and affirm her gutsy spirit. The brand embodies the founders' penchant for minimal aesthetics, nonconformist outlook, and spirited lifestyle.

full grain leather. exclusively.

More than color, Tomoli is about fine color. Color that doesn't only make you stand out, but also holds up to your lifestyle, and can stand the test of time, rush hour bustle, and even unexpected drizzles. That's why all Tomoli handbags are crafted exclusively with full grain leather.

Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather. The natural, tight grain makes it water resistant, scratch resistant, and rich with character.

crafted with attention

A clean, classic bag. Easy to open and close. Precise stitching. An interior as captivating as the exterior. Comfortable, light weight. Shoulder-friendly straps. We wanted it all. So we joined forces with long-time handbag architects and leather tanneries to source the best leather, and deliver outstanding craftsmanship. All, so you love your bag on the nth day as much as you loved it on day 1.

designed in the Twin Cities

And produced by the most distinguished leather artisans in Istanbul.

Contrast awakens the senses.